A bright, bold, fiery red lipstick that takes after it’s diabolical name sake, Lucifer! He is, after all, a better kisser than Jesus…I must admit, I love red lipstick maybe just as much as I love the Dark Lord herself, and I have been on the hunt for the perfect red for what feels like my entire lifetime. Lucifer, in my opinion, checks all my boxes! It’s a long wearing liquid lipstick that lasts for hours, and dries down to a glorious matte finish. It’s super pigmented so you can count on a diabolically sumptuous color. It’s also a seductively powerful red, that I designed to look good on many skin tones. It’s a neutral, bold red— neither too brick colored, blueish or orange!

I also designed this with fellow witches, Satanists and dwellers of the dark in mind…who don’t want to sacrifice luxe, sumptuous design! I’m extremely proud of this devilish matte black keepsake box with sinful gold foil, and an inner black velvet sleeve housing the lipstick.

It also comes with a "Get into Hell free” card, which includes a free download of “Lucifer, My Love,” and who knows when you might need to snag complementary entrance into the eternal pit of flames?

100% cruelty free, made right here in Los Angeles, and vegan too!

Made in collaboration with Vinyl Cosmetics.

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