Black Protection Spell Candle

Black Protection Spell Candle


Black protection glass spell candle- over 120 hour burn time. Perfect for your altar, or consecrating and illuminating your personal space.


STEP 1: Decide what you wish to achieve. We recommend you use these candles in your magickal practice for: career success, passion, courage, fiery Will, and love. However, what matters most of all is what you associate with the color red; so if these do not work for you, spend time writing down what “red” represents to you. Decide upon a goal that corresponds to your associations with “red”. 

STEP 2: Consecrate the candle. The key here is to make a connection between you and the object; many practitioners anoint the candle with a specific oil that correlates to the desired outcome. We personally like to create a sigil and carve it into the candle. Write what it is that you desire on a piece of paper in positive terms; such as “I HAVE THE COURAGE TO PURSUE MY DREAMS”; not “I WISH I HAD MORE COURAGE.” Remove all of the vowels and repeating consonants. In this example, you would be left with HVTCRGPSMYD. Now combine these letters into a pleasing drawing in any way that suits you, adding flourishes or whatever you desire to the letters call you to create. This is your sigil.

STEP 3: Carve this sigil onto the candle, visualizing yourself achieving your goal. 

As you light the candle, again focus your intention upon the flame; and visualize yourself achieving your goal. Place the candle in a safe area, and let it burn down. 

STEP 4: When the candle is finished, dispose of it (such as by burying it) and forget about the “purpose” of the candle. The magick is done- worrying about whether the magick will work is like digging up a seed you have just planted to see if it has sprouted.

STEP 5: That is it! You will find that magick works in many ways; but often in the form of intuition or creative ideas towards your goal. Very rarely they come landing on your front door step; but almost always you must do the work to attain the goal. You must take actions in the physical world towards your goal. So for example, if you wish you had more courage; don’t just sit back and think the candle will do all the work for you. (Though also know, the candle is working on the unseen/mental plane for you!) For example, do your part by signing up for activities that normally would intimidate you and vow to approach them with greater courage; read books on heroes that inspire courage within you; etc. 

We hope you find this useful- and empowering. Hail Satan!

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