Rider Waite & Pamela Smith Tarot

Rider Waite & Pamela Smith Tarot


Pamela Coleman Smith, also nicknamed “Pixie,” was an extremely influential artist & Occultist, in that her drawings, originally published as simply “The Tarot Cards,” were part of the original Rider-Waite tarot that we have come to know and love. It was the intuitive and artist Pixie herself that illustrated the symbolism within this deck. There has been a problematic erasure of women of color within the Occult circles; so we proudly hail Pixie and her contributions to this sacred divination tool.

This classic tarot deck, created in 1909, features full pictorial scenes in the muted colors chosen by “Pixie” herself. It comes in an Anniversary keepsake Tin, and is a faithful reproduction of the original deck created by Pamela Colman Smith. The 80-card deck includes the standard 78 tarot cards plus 2 samples of Pixie’s non-tarot artwork.

Truly stunning!

Cards in deck measure 2.25˝ x 3.75˝. 

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